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10 Key Benefits Of SEO For Your Business

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SEO is a must have portion of any digital strategy. First let’s take a look at the benefits of SEO and why we saying it’s crucial part of digital marketing strategy for company of any size or segment.

Lets understand how people search for services or goods. Current method internet and more so search engines. The look for the best courses, best place and infact also the best SEO service provider as well. This means, no matter what company sells, potential clients are trying to find it online. So if you do not have a good search engine optimization they will simply be routed to the competition that’s most likely to have better SEO. Unless you are willing to drive this traffic to your site using paid methods. Which we will take up and discuss in length in our future blogs.

So whether it’s a start-up or an established brand, most likely you would have been told to use SEO. That’s more relevant as the number or sales through organic method has been upto 92% in 2021 and it will remain to be same or more in 2022.

Post covid -19, the brands and marketers have undergone a tremendous shift to ensure that they capture the online traffic to remain and rule the business. This change in consumer behavior has led to a rise in the requirement for digital marketing agency in India and around the world.

Now lets understand why SEO is important.

The answer is simple Increased visibility!!! Which means making it simpler for your potential buyers or users of services to find you when they search online for the service or product that you offer.

According to our string SEO Research which after analyzing the online SEO trends, one need to have an understanding of what people search i.e. the keywords and what answers are they expecting in order to make a content strategy that focuses on better SEO rankings. With this knowledge, you will be able to get the attention of the people who are searching on the internet for the solutions that you have to offer. Businesses like automotive, pharmaceutical, BFSI, real estate, Ed-tech or education, Industrial or manufacturing services, hospitality like hotels etc. are now moving ahead in this direction and trying to get the maximum benefits of SEO.

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There if the brand wants to stand out and be visible to the potential users in the market and in turn increase sales then the brand must invest in optimizing the website for the Search Engines.

Now, lets find out the 10 Benefits of SEO For Businesses in 2022

1. Generate More Quality Leads

According to hubspot 57% of B2B marketers (Business which have specific solution for Businesses), SEO gives more leads than other marketing initiative. The same way if we see in case of B2C marketing (Businesses which have solutions for Consumers) a study published by the Search Engine Journal has shown , 14.6% of SEO leads get converted as against 1.7% of outbound leads. Hence the quality of lead is clearly a winner.

2. Rank Organically and Its Free

If you rank organically, you are not going to have to pay to be ranked there! The search engines’ algorithms will keep you there as long as you are able to meet the criteria and are relevant to that search. So you will get ranked higher if you keep your customers in mind!

And we are sure that that's exactly what the businesses intend to do !

This means that all one has to do is have web pages that search engines find useful for users search and hence route them there and not charge for it at all. Unlike its expensive alternative of Pay Per Click which involves cost for every click and higher customer acquisition cost.

3. Organic Result is equal to Peoples Trust

You do find Pay Per Click advertisements appearing right above organic search results, but around 67% of people prefer to click on results from organic ones. Which means that people trust organic results and not Ads more. With Ads shown next to the results people know that the advertisers are paying to be shown on top slots, and yet they choose check the webpages the search engine has shows to them as result.

So If website ranks organically, it gets people’s trust as well as increased traffic and that we are sure you know leads to increased sales and hence you reap the benefits of SEO.

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4. Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Organically, Assume 2 businesses in the competition with identical goods or services at similar price range. If one of them have optimized website and other doesn’t which one will get the traffic ?

Our take, it will be one that appears first on the search engine results!

So what needs to be done is simple, a bit of keyword research which is basically finding out what the customers or users are searching online and align your content to answer that search. It also involves the competitor analysis and subsequent target settings. Undermining the search engine’s ability to route more traffic to website. Ranking higher than the competition is an advantage and potential to get more conversions.

5. SEO Results are Measurable

SEO results can easily be tracked using tools like google analytics and others. One doesn’t really need to derive it from other measured campaigns. It can be pin pointed to what is the direct impact of it.

All aspect of SEO effort can be evaluated, improved and worked upon. Google Analytics is one of the best ways to find out exactly what the standings are and what traffic is routed to website, what was the engagement rate and also the keywords that brought traffic.

6. SEO : Marketing Strategy for long term

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can have a substantial impact on the conversion for the company in the initial phase, SEO efforts yield over the time, resulting in improved outcomes over a longer period of time. The SEO outcomes and ROI is directly proportional to amount of work and time spent on executing it.

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7. Improve User Experience

Well a lot on SEO is already discussed, but overall if we see SEO is nothing but engaging and managing what users are potentially looking for and search engines like Google has been able to translate that in form of ranking. With the algorithm over the period of Google has translated how to interpret a favorable or unfavorable user experience and positive user experience has become the most important element for website’s success. Google rates and pushes the rankings of websites that give useful and accurate information to customer’s search.

8. Cross referencing With Other Websites

Getting other websites with higher domain authority (Reputation) from different websites is also a benefit of strong SEO strategy. This is also one of the best benefit of optimizing website is to also focus on outbound SEO strategies. One should always look out for getting chance for placement or coverage on any of the industry blogs, news website and other relevant sites may significantly help your endeavor to get website or brand ranked higher on Search result. This process is also called as link building.

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9. Quality Traffic

SEO allows to acquire best quality website visitors. People that are actually interested in products/services that you sell or provide. But the key focusing on keyword research is what is most important because it gives you to direction to target those keywords that are being searched the most.

10. Brand Awareness

SEO gives higher degree of brand recognition among the competition if the website ranking is higher. As potential users or consumers progress through the buying cycle, customers ask a variety of questions and it is these questions which form the keywords. Now a days potential buyer tend to research more than ever before and the buying decision is now split into multiple stages. With SEO helping website ranking shortens the buying decision as it instills confidence in future buyers or users.

With this we come to the end of our list of top 10 benefits of SEO for business in 2022.

We shall soon come out with how to optimise your brands SEO efforts to appear on top in Voice Search.

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